Wednesday, September 21, 2016

FUN VALLEY 2016, Home at Last

We arrived at Fun Valley, Colorado, the day after it opened, for you not familiar with FV, it is located a few miles west of South Fork, on Hwy 160, headed up Wolf Creek Pass. As you can see on the road in, it was still a little chilly.
After arriving we set up in the same site as last year, we kind of like the neighborhood, it is were we are surrounded by old friends and met a lot of new ones this year.
The fun began right away, with Jerry and Debbie Pointer and the boys arriving the day before us. Janice loved to play with the furry kids, Buddy and Bo. Others had also arrived on opening day, such as Dana and Martha Moses, Gary and Kathy Wallace, Roger and Loretta Whitton, These names should look familiar, we tend to spend a lot of time with these good people.
Now before going any further, a note for pet owners. We learned the hard way this year, that high altitude can create serious health effects on pets, especially older pets that have underlying health conditions, know or unknown. Our furry kid, Sweet Pea, the cat from hell, did not survive the high altitude this year and died in June. Be very careful when travelling to altitudes with your pet, we found out the hard way, and found out that several other pets have pasted away in recent years. She was 15 years old and was full of energy and in apparent good health. We miss her a lot, everyday.
Rest in Peace, Little One
The summer progressed much, like normal, for Fun Valley, which is unlike any RV park we have stayed at. From fishing, to barbeques, to line dancing (Janice and Debbie), golf, site seeing, to relaxing with friends, under the awnings, and jam session by numerous musicians. Visiting with friends, to numerous to name here.
Fishing at Big Meadows.

Dale Davis and Jerry Pointer cooking for a group of about 70 friends.

Janice and Debbie, getting their just do, in Creede Colorado

Cripple Creek, Colorado, Main Street

This summer was special, we had one of our grandson, Brayden, get to spend some time with us, thanks to Patty and Mark (his other grandparents) from Roswell, bringing him up. He got a chance to do some fishing, bike riding, made a new friend or two, played putt putt golf, and spent the night.
Not a bad day at the lake.

Brayden, mugging with grandma
The summer pasted way to fast, and the park closed on September 17, and we left good friends, but we will see them latter in the year. We stayed in South Fork at a new park, Peacock Meadows RV Park. The leaves are changing and we decided to stay in the cool country for awhile longer to watch the colors.
The Park has 57 spaces, 50amp, full hookup. Once the grass is established, I think this will be one of the nicest parks in the area. The park is located just east of town and on the Rio Grande River, which means some great fishing really close.

This 16 1/2 inch Cut Throat Trout is a good example of the fishing, I found in the river.
Well, that's about it for now, we will be leaving South Fork, Saturday, and John and Janice's RV Adventures will continue. I will try to keep the blog updated in the future, but a good wifi signal is necessary for the computer work involved. So until next time, Travel Safe.

Well I said I would be back

And to continue from the last post, the spring swing has started. After returning to Plano, Texas, we again parked the rig at Lake Lavon East Fork COE. This trip was again a grand kids trip. We really enjoyed spending time with Bridget and Jack and the Kids. While we in Plano, one of the worse hail storms in Texas history occurred, delivering the blunt of it's big stuff in Wylie, Texas, where Lake Lavon is located. As we drove back to the rig we saw the damage as we traveled. Hail so big that it went thru the roofs and ceilings of homes, softball size hail, does unbelievable damage. As we drove thru the RV Park the damage to the rigs was devastating, skylights, windows and windshields, siding stripped off and roofs penetrated. We saw motor homes that the hail had gone thru the roofs and broke counter tops and cabinets. As we approached our Mountaineer, the site was flooded. I climbed up on the roof, nothing broke, nothing damaged. The west side had no damage to the fiberglass, there was a few small dents in the lower metal skirt, which is about a thick as a beer can. This damage was fixed the following day, by simply rubbing it out from the back side. 3 large trees, which overhung our rig had given it protection. Sort of like trying to hit a golf ball thru a tree, took all the velocity out of the stones. We picked up some hail stones(not the biggest) that had been laying in 80 degree weather for a couple of hours.
We left a couple of days later, no the worse for wear. First day we headed east and made Vicksburg, Mississippi, where we overnighted at the Ameristar RV park. Which is conveniently located by the Ameristar Casino. Park is alittle tight, but doable for an overnight. Next day it was south to Biloxi, Mississippi. Here we stayed at the Cajon Rv Resort, located across the highway from the main beach, and next to Treasure Island Casino (see a pattern developing here). After spending a couple of days and nights it was on to Pensacola, Florida. An overnight and some sight seeing, we moved on to Jacksonville, Florida. We overnighted in a really nice park, just don't remember the name. The following day we headed for Savanah, Georgia. Here we stayed at Savanah Oaks RV park, nice quiet park, big sites. We spent a couple of days and did the tourist thing of the historical districts in Savanah. If in the area, I would highly recommend it. Traveling up the coast we stayed in Lumberton KOA for a few days and visited old friends and family, thanks Tallis Milburn for putting up with us. They had moved there from Roswell, NM and have a nice farm, complete with horses and chicken and other fowl. Nice visit. The next night was spent at a KOA along side the freeway. Then it was on to Virginia Beach, If you read my previous blog, you may remember our son John, who deployed to the middle east, well, his ship is returning and we will be there. We stayed in Suffolk, Virginia, At Davis Lakes RV Resort, which would be home for the next 2 weeks. This is a nice park, large spaces, 3 lakes.

We made the drive into Virginia Beach, and planned to meet the Ship the following day, The morning was wet, and the skys cleared just as the sailors made port. It was a great home coming. Another time in life that we wouldn't have missed for the world.

The next 2 weeks was fun, with John on leave, we had time to catch up, celebrate Coopers 2ND birthday
Took Janice to a Monster Truck race Monsters on the Beach, for Mother's Day, hey that's what she ask for. :-)
And took in a baseball game of the Norfolk Tide, AAA
After a lot of fun, it was time for us to head west. We traveled to Raleigh, NC, where we stay at the Fairgrounds, Nice RV Park, plenty of space, full hookups, 50 amp. After 3 days we headed for Charlotte for the NASCAR All-Star Race. We stayed at Apollo RV, which is located right next to Charlotte Motor Speedway. You could hear the cars (and the jet dryers) from the rig. Nice park, good size sites, and the best location you could ask for. While in Charlotte, we went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. If you are in the area and even if you are not a NASCAR fan, take in the Hall of Fame, you will enjoy it.

The All Star race was great, and Charlotte Motor Speedway was spectacular.
A couple of days after the race, it was west to Memphis and Nashville. In Nashville we stayed at the Yogi Park on Grand Ole Oprie Drive, which by the way is a Passport America park, can you say half price? After looking around for a couple of days we headed west, staying in Ft Smith, Arkansas, Dalhart, Texas, and on to Fun Valley. We arrived the day after it opened and were met by good friends Jerry and Debbie Pointer, you remember them from Weslaco. Dana and Martha Moses, from Garland, Texas. It was nice to be home, and reuniting with old friends. Fun Valley 2016 will be the next blog, Stay Tuned.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Well, its been a year, since my last update

Time flys when your Full Timing. Since last September, we have been busy. After leaving Fun Valley Colorado, we traveled to Carillton, Texas. Staying at Sandy Lakes Resort, we won't do that again. Way to tight. But it was a good place to leave the trailer while we traveled to Hawaii for our son, John's commissioning ceremony. And visit with the grand kids, Colton and Cooper. It was time to leave and John and Katie and the boys flew back to the states were John went to training, and then deployed to the middle east..
After, returning to Texas, we moved the rig to Lake Lavon, and spent 2 weeks (
COE Park) playing with the other set of grand kids, Brayden and Jase. After the 2 weeks it was time to travel west. We traveled to Roswell, NM. A 2 week visit with old friends and a little golf with George Libby and Clayton Barnhill, two of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Then It was west to Ajo, Arizona, my home town and were my mom still lives. We spent the holidays there and enjoyed the visit with mom and old friends. During the visit I had the opportunity to see my friend Bill Copeland, he was my best man at our wedding and I have not seen him in way to many years. Soon after we left, he unexpectedly passed away, he was taken way to young. I thank the Lord for the time I got to spend with him. Mom is doing well, she it a tough lady.

Ajo, is located in Southern Arizona, and is a beautiful location in the Sonoran Desert. It is know for it's sunsets and wildlife. Some of which lived in Shadow Ridge RV Park. A great Park, that I highly recommend.
After a great visit we left Arizona in early January 2016 and headed east and south, can you say way south to Weslaco, Texas. For you RVers, you know the Rio Grande Valley. We spent 2 months in the Country Sunshine RV Resort, had a great time with good friends Jerry and Debbie Pointer, and their furry kids, Buddy and Bo, two of the best Boston Terriers you will ever find. While we were there, Janice's sister, Sharol and her Husband Carl came down from Minnesota, in their bus and spent a month with us. This included a trip to San Padre Island and a trip on a Dolphin Watch cruise.
During this 2 month period in Weslaco, we made a trip to Jasper, Texas, were my sister, Barbara and Janice, went to a quilting retreat. My brother in law, Bob and I spent our time working on his cars, fishing and playing a little golf. After 2 months in Weslaco, it was time to head alittle north to Uvalde, Texas. This trip was for me, I played golf with Gary Wallace and we played a lot of golf for a month, a few hundred holes is great for your game and your mind. Kathy {Gary's better half} and Janice had a chance to catch up. After Uvalde we head North to Plano, Texas. I will start the spring swing in my next update.

Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Been A Long Time

Now For A Update

    Well the last time I blogged was in April, we had made the decision to retire in May, and on May 15th, we pulled the plug and headed out on our adventure. We miss our friends in Roswell a lot. However we have made friends throughout our travels and time has past really quickly.
    We started out adventure, traveling to Texas to reestablish our new residence. We landed in Livingston and began the paper work side of getting everything set up a Texans. This is a time consuming endeavor, but not bad, if you do your homework and have the proper paper work pre-completed. Mailing address, first then, license plates and registrations, then Driver licenses and voter registration.  While doing this, we stayed at the  Escapee Park in Livingston and the people at the park and the DMV couldn't have been more helpful.
While in Texas we moved from Livingston to Jasper, to spend some time with my sister and husband. We had a great visit, spent some time fishing, playing golf and working on their collection of 1968 Mopars. It doesn't get any better then that.
Bob, getting the 68 Charger ready
The guy can catch nice bass along with building nice cars

While we were in Texas, with drove up to Plano and attended out two grandsons birthday parties. Bridget(our daughter) and her husband Jack, have a couple of great kids. Grandma and I love playing with them.


After spending 3 1/2 weeks in Texas it was time to head for our summer destination in Colorado, so after a 3 day drive (dang, Texas is big) we arrived at Fun Valley RV Resort, a few miles west of South Fork. We set up for the next 3 months. If you have never been to Fun Valley, you are missing out. This park has everything, fishing, live country music, paddle boats, putt putt golf, and the best people you will ever meet. We met and made friends throughout the summer and these are good people. They took us in and we felt welcome. We enjoy their company tremendously.
Home in Colorado
Did I mention great people
Did I mention fish.
While we were in Colorado with had a surprise visit from Janice's sister and Mother.

After their visit, we loaded up the truck (left the Mountaineer at Fun Valley) and head west to Utah to visit my sister. Lynn and Tom have a cabin in the mountains. Again we had a lot of fun, playing golf, fishing, and relaxing while touring the area in their Ranger.

Did I mention Fish
More to Come, This is just a taste of what we have been up to.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Well, IT'S Time

     Well, the 2016 date, is now May 15th, 2015. After 17 weeks in the Mountaineer, and some serious consideration, we have decided to retire a year early. We have notified our employers, with four weeks notice and we are set to go.
     Our first stop will be Livingston, Texas, to finish setting up our domicile, new address has be done, now for the second time in 4 months, we get to change addresses again. Fun, Fun, Fun. We will be getting our registration and licenses, insurance, etc set up when we arrive in Livingston. Looking forward to getting this chapter of our lives started. We have enjoyed our time at Trailer Village, in Roswell. Meeting a lot of great people and hearing a lot of stories from fulltimers to vacationers. There are a million stories out there and we hope to add some of our own.
     We have made some changes to the trailer, just little things, added satellite TV, some new storage ideas, ice maker and a new washer/dryer combo. The last, Janice is mastering more and more.
     We will post more frequently when we get on the road, until then, travel safe.